Colorful Stamping With Paper Sushi

Colorful Stamping With Paper Sushi

Posted by Emily on 30th Jun 2014

We posted a how to on inking oversized stamps last week and we've been playing around with the possibilities this week!  Looking for ways to spice up your large stamps? Look no further! We'v … read more

Inking Oversized Stamps with Paper Sushi

Posted by Emily on 25th Jun 2014

Many of you have asked about how to ink a large stamp, such as our Wedding Invitations. Oversized stamp pads are generally only available in office quality inks, not the lovely and vibrant … read more

How to Clean Stamps

Posted by Jennifer on 21st Apr 2014

Next in our series of helpful stamping posts, we tackle cleaning your stamps! Removing ink from stamps can be done multiple ways, depending on what kind of ink you use.  It's not necessary to … read more

Embossing with Paper Sushi

Posted by Jennifer on 7th Apr 2014

Embossing is a fun way to add dimension and shine to your rubber stamp projects! The result is a raised, shiny, version of your normal two-dimensional stamp print. Embossing is also a lovely way to … read more