Stamping Your Soaps With A Paper Sushi Custom Acrylic Soap Stamp

Stamping Your Soaps With A Paper Sushi Custom Acrylic Soap Stamp

Posted by Jen on 20th Oct 2016

Acrylic Soap Stamps are a great way to add your branding to your lovely soaps.  They're wonderful for cold process soaps, but not the right choice for melt and pour soaps.  If you are a cold process soap maker looking for a way to take your soaps to the next level, read on!

Stamping soap is very simple, and really all about the timing.  You'll want to catch your soaps within a few days of cutting, for the best and most even impressions.  The exact timing is dependent on your formula, so you may need to experiment.  Oil types and water content will affect this timing - if your formula is especially soft, you will get the best imprints toward the end of the 2-3 day period; if your formula is on the harder side, you can stamp immediately after cutting.  If you're stamping too soon, the soap may come up with your stamp.  If you've waited too long, you'll have a hard time getting an even, deep impression.  Trial and error will help you pinpoint that perfect timing!  

Start by centering your stamp on your soap.  Holding down each edge of the stamp can help you get the cleanest imprint, particularly if you'd prefer to tap a few times.  I like the one fell swoop method, and I'm a weenie about putting my hands where mallets might be.  To pull the stamp back out, you can rock it a bit side to side and back and forth.

If soap starts to build up on your stamp, your impression will be less crisp.  In that case, it's time to take an old toothbrush to the acrylic, rinse with water and scrub away any build up.  If you find the soap sticking to your stamp, you can lay a piece of plastic wrap between the soap and your stamp.

Watch me stamping a beautiful soap from Seagrape Soap in the video below:

Stamping Soap with Paper Sushi from Jen {paper sushi} on Vimeo.

Just like rubber stamping, soap stamping can take some practice and patience. I engrave these stamps extra deep to make it just that much easier for you to get the best impression!

Paper Sushi Acrylic Soap Stamps are available with and without handles, just make your selection in the listing.  You'll get the most even impression without a handle, and this is recommended.  If you're using a mallet, you can opt for a handle.  If you're using a press, the handle will be in your way!

If you share pictures using your Paper Sushi Acrylic Soap Stamp on social media be sure to tag @papersushishop on Instagram or Facebook.