Stamped Napkins and Tea Towels

Posted by Alicia on 2nd Mar 2014

(This post originally appeared on the old Paper Sushi blog, but we've moved it here so you don't miss this great tutorial!)

Hey guys, Alicia here. I am honored to be part of Paper Sushi helping Jen get some of her great ideas posted for you to see. I'm going to dive right in with a project she came up with months ago that would be an easy DIY Christmas gift. I imagine this could work great for just about anyone- neighbors, teachers, your brother's girlfriend, or yourself.

Jen sent me a big box of goodies and an idea. The supplies were some fun stamps, VersaCraft fabric ink stamps and a couple packs of plain white flour sack towels.

This tea towel has bright pink hand drawn succulents in a random pattern covering the towel.

We try to use cloth napkins in our house, and with little ones, I can always use more. One tea towel cut into four napkins and I was able to iron, fold and stitch a simple hem for all four in under thirty minutes. I stamped away to my heart's content and ended up with some adorable napkins.

I did learn that these need to be set with an iron, not the dryer. The dryer left some ghost images of the stamp across the fabric.

Seriously easy! The VersaCraft ink comes in Pink, Red, Blue, and Black. And that Hello! stamp? You can get it here