Stamp Mount Options

Which stamp mount option is right for you?

We offer different stamp types and mount options at Paper Sushi! The first choice to make is between a rubber stamp and clear stamp. Click here for an in depth look at the differences between the two! The short story is that rubber stamps are longer lasting and can be more precise, while clear stamps are a breeze for alignment and ideal for very large stamps like wedding invitations.

Clear stamps are always mounted with clear acrylic. But, rubber stamps have several options! Each option comes with its own pros and cons, so let's learn a little about each.

Flat wood mounts are a flat maple hardwood mount, with the stamp design engraved into the top of it. They are great if you have a lot of stamps, as it's easy to see the design and they store in less space than a handled stamp.

Wood mounts with handles start with a flat wood mount and have a black handle added for convenience. Handles can be more comfortable if you're doing lots of stamping!

Self inking stamps are the ultimate in ease and convenience! They are a little harder to position perfectly and are only available with black ink.

If you don't see one of these specific options available in the stamp you're looking at, it's likely unavailable for one reason or another. European handles and self inking casings are stocked in limited sizes. And we don't stock engraved art mounts for every off the shelf design we offer. But, we love working with you to get you exactly what you want, so be sure to ask if you don't see what you're hoping for!