Memento Luxe Ink Pad

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Full size Memento Luxe ink pad in "Tuxedo Black" or "Wedding Dress". Memento Luxe is a thick, juicy ink on a spongy pad. It is great for opacity and vivid imprints, it is not the best ink for fine details.


This is a full size craft ink pad with the raised bed measuring 3.84 x 2.67 inches (98 x 68 mm).

• USE •

Memento Luxe is a versatile ink for fabric, paper, wood, leather and more. If you'd like to stamp white ink without embossing, this is the best option! If you're embossing white ink, the versacolor white is a better option.

This ink is permanent on natural fabrics when heat-set (using iron at appropriate temperature setting for that fabric).