Kawaii Face Soap Stamp

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This custom acrylic stamp features an adorable furry face. This is NOT a rubber stamp. It cannot be inked. It is meant only for use with soap and clay.

Please note that a good imprint in soap is most achievable with cold process soaps. Melt & Pour soaps are harder and more brittle and it can be difficult to achieve an even imprint. Acrylic really isn't the best medium for Melt & Pour soaps. If stamping Melt & Pour soap, it's best to unmold your soaps as quickly as possible, and attempt to stamp them while still somewhat soft. Gauging that window perfectly will take some practice. Alternatively, adding a small amount of distilled water (1 - 2 ounces per pound of base) will keep the bars softer longer.

For a full soap stamping tutorial, click here to check out my blog post!


The stamp imprint measures 1 3/4" wide by 0.78" high (45 mm x 20 mm)

This is a laser engraved acrylic block with wood handle. 


Please allow up to one to two weeks for production before shipping.