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We're no muggles, we know geocaching and we know what you need in a stamp! We've designed a stamp that fits on the smallest log lines using ink that won't spread or smear even if the log gets wet.


The imprint measures no more than 1" wide and under 1/16" high. Perfect for log lines, without hogging all the space those round stamps do!

• INK •

This stamp is self inking with black ink. We searched high and low to find the best ink for hunting tupperware in the woods. We wanted an ink that dries quickly, that won't smear or spread when a log book gets wet, works well on Right in the Rain paper and this ink does all of that! We're filling these replaceable ink pads with the perfect geocaching ink, it's not the typical solvent ink found in most self inking stamps.

• FONT •

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Production time is 1-2 weeks before shipping.