Daily Planner Notepad

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Time blocking is a great way to take control of your days and make sure you use your time as efficiently as possible.  Being productive when you're on task means freeing up time for real relaxation when you're done.  My handdrawn clematis and hand lettering are beautifully offset printed on a nice, smooth paper.

Use the left side to schedule out when you'll work on what types of tasks.  Go beyond scheduling appointments and really assign your time to make sure your intentions become accomplishments!  Use the right side to lay out any tasks you shouldn't forget.  Then satisfyingly cross them off as you go.


This pad measures 8 1/2" (22 cm) by 5 1/2" (14 cm).

Notepad has 40 sheets of paper and a heavy chipboard backing. 


These note pads are in stock and ready to ship!

Offset printed locally and padded by yours truly.