Custom Kid's Drawing Painting Kit

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This painting kit is designed from your child's drawing and includes everything you need for a lovely wall hanging and a lot of fun!


1 engraved unfinished birch wall hanging measuring up to 7" on each dimension (18 cm)

1 paint brush

3 paint pots

1 faux suede cord

1 muslin bag to contain it all and make gifting easy


Artwork should be as simple as possible.  Highly detailed drawings or those with a lot of shading/coloring will not engrave well and leave little area to paint.  Ideally, high contrast between the pen or crayon used and a bright white background is best.  Your digital file must be well lit and shot straight on, and a high resolution scan is most ideal.

Gifting this kit or don't have your artwork ready?  No problem!  Just skip the upload and we'll follow up via email.


Use water to soften your paint brush and a paper towel to absorb excess water and clean brush between colors.

Allow paint to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Blog post with videos and tips coming soon!


Kits will ship within two weeks of purchase.