Cork Tags (Set of 20)

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Custom cork tags are a great way to brand your handmade accessories.  Permanently engraved with your logo, and cut to size, these are ready to use.


Available in several sizes, for use attached flat or folded over an edge.  Logo/text can be engraved on either (or both!) sides of the fold.  Please specify whether you'll fold over reversible edges or one that folds up.


These tags can be customized with a logo, custom text or a custom design.  Tags can have holes cut in the corners, or left intact for machine sewing.  Designs can be laid out on both sides of the tag, either for reversible items or hats with brims that fold up.  Include all information in the text field above!


Order in sets of 20 with one tag design per set.  Click the "buy in bulk and save" link to see discounts available for quantities above one.  The percentage discount is applied in your cart.


Cork tags are NOT washable.  These should not be attached to anything that will be washed in water.  They are ideal for accessories.


Production time is 1-2 weeks.